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Climate diagram for Puerto Williams:
SIMExpeditions Region Climate
Red curve: average temperature / blue column: average rainfall
Water Temperatures Beagle Channel:
SIMExpeditions Region Climate

Puerto Williams lies between the 54° and 55° latitude in the southern hemisphere – comparable to the position of the Isle of Man, United Kingdom in the northern hemisphere.

Antarctica’s closeness and the omnipresent wind determine the wind-chill temperature throughout the year.

In Puerto Williams the average annual temperature is 5.6°C and 515mm of precipitation.

The influence of the low-pressure areas that travel over the region determines the weather, especially in the summer months.

The relatively warm summer months of December to March reach an average temperature of 14°C and peaks up to 15°/20°C.

Precipitation decreases during this season and the days become extremely long, up to 18 hours.

Tierra del Fuego has different climate and weather zones.

The pampa in the northeast of the island has a cold, windy desert climate.

The glaciated mountains and cold primeval forest in the southwest show frequent precipitation.

The south exhibits a predominant cold oceanic climate. Apart from the protected areas, this region is particularly exposed to the sometimes-violent westerly winds.

Since the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego is subject to frequent weather fluctuations, it is recommended to always check the weather forecast beforehand.

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