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Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn & Antarctica

SIM Expeditions – Your Partner in Planning an Unforgettable Sea, Ice and Mountain Experience in the Southernmost Region of the World

Are you looking for a unique adventure at the end of the world?

Or are you planning an expedition and need help with material procurement, clearance, permits or provisions?

Then use and benefit of our 25 years of experience in Tierra del Fuego!

SIM Expeditions stands for Sea, Ice & Mountains

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Your Accommodation in Puerto Williams: Hostel Coirón

Start Your Unique Nature Experience Right in Front of Your Door

Hostal Coiron

The Hostel Coirón is the cosy guesthouse. It lies in the city centre and offers lodging for singles, couples and groups.

Send us a short email to learn more about our Hostel Coirón and room availability.

End of the World & Gateway to Nature

Your singular experience in the southernmost corner of the world

Puerto Williams is located on the north shore of the Navarino Island in the heart of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. The end of the world can in fact be taken literally.

Navarino is the southernmost inhabited island of the American continent, at about 1 000km north of the Antarctic ice.

We must not underestimate this forgotten piece of earth and its original nature. The southern Cape Horn rises far into the region of the stormy westerly winds. The contrast between the roaring williwaws and the silent stillness, the heavy snow showers and gently warming sunshine, all of this adds to the charm and challenge of this harsh but delicate landscape.

To be outdoors means to be one with nature.

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Beagle Channel & Navarino Island

Puerto Williams

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