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SIMExpeditions Kayaking


    Your Kayak Experience: Kayaking in the Channels Around Navarino Island Puerto Williams is the southernmost city of the continent and therefore also the gateway to… Continue »Kayaking

    SIMExpeditions Trekking


      Your Trekking Experience: The Dientes de Navarino Circuit Puerto Williams is the starting point of many interesting, though hardly visited trekking tours. Whether for one… Continue »Trekking

      SimExpeditions Horse Riding

      Horse Riding

        In Riding a Horse, We Borrow Freedom. … or so the saying goes. And that is quite clear, especially here, at the almost unspoiled southern… Continue »Horse Riding

        SimExpeditions Sailing


          Your Sailing Experience: Beagle Channel, Cape Horn and the Eternal Ice of Antarctica Navigate with an expedition sailing vessel trough the channels at the southern… Continue »Sailing

          SIMExpeditions Fishing


            Fishing & Fly Fishing on Navarino Island The fish-rich seas off the coast of southern Chile carry on in the hidden channels of Tierra del… Continue »Fishing