SIM Expeditions – Together We Plan an Unforgettable Journey to the End of the World

The acronym SIM stands for “Sea, Ice & Mountains”. It stands for adventure and expeditions on water, ice or mountains. Environments where Jeannete Talavera and Wolf Kloss feel most at home.

The foundation stone of SIM Expeditions was laid in 1991 when they met in the Caribbean and fell in love. After 2 Caribbean years on board of SV Santa Maria they set sails for Tierra del Fuego, the rugged south of Chile. Jeannete and Wold find their new home in the small town of Puerto Williams in the Beagle Channel.

In 1995 the two launch their family business, SIM Expeditions. This jagged region of South America was at that time completely undeveloped for tourism. Jeannete & Wolf perform pioneer work and celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2020.

Today they number among the most experienced expedition sailors worldwide. Thanks to their many years of experience they are members of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) and play a significant role in current discussions on the topic of Antarctica as a travel destination.

Their lifelong passion for travel and discovery has not decreased until today. From relaxed active holiday to breath-taking expeditions, Jeannete & Wolf want to share their enthusiasm for Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica with you.

So far, around 1 000 adventure-hungry people have joined them on more than 50 Antarctic journeys and over 150 Cape Horn circumnavigations.

Jeannete Talavera y Wolf Kloss

Wolf Kloss

Born 1957.  Sailor. Mountaineer. Climber and all-round adventurer.

Getting to know faraway countries and cultures is his motivation, a ship the ideal medium. There you have everything you need with you.

In 1985 he purchases the 14m steel sloop SANTA MARIA. With her he sails the Mediterranean Sea, then, across the Atlantic Ocean into the Caribbean Sea, always following the sun.

By the end of the ‘80s Wolf slowly becomes restless. Far in the south, new challenges beckon. Cape Horn and Antarctica, a large, empty adventure playground made up of ice and rock, a boundless invitation to discover, conquer and explore.

This is where he finds his world.

In 1991 the Venezuelan Jeannete comes on board.

In 1995 the Jeannete & Wolf launch SIM – Sea, Ice & Mountains Expeditions. They begin with adventurous pioneering work to open up the Fuegian waters and the mountains around Cape Horn and Antarctica.

In 2011 Wolf succeeds in circumnavigating the whole American continent. Within a year he sails around Cape Horn and through the infamous Northwest Passage. No one has achieved this deed before.

Nowadays Wolf is responsible for logistics and the implementation of SIM Expeditions’ new projects.

Jeannete Talavera

Jeannete Talavera

Jeannete found at a young age meaning and affirmation of life while travelling.

In 1991 Jeannete and the sailor Wolf Kloss met in the Caribbean. She stays on the 14m yacht Santa Maria as a life companion, coordinator, deckhand and cook. This is the beginning of her sailing career.

In 1993 they move together south to the End of the World. Jeannete is the first Venezuelan to sail to Antarctica. After these impressive experiences she breaks away from the seductions of civilization, just as Wolf had done some years before.

In 1995 they establish the company SIM Expeditions and opened the Hostel Coirón in Puerto Williams, Chile.

Nowadays Jeannete runs the coordination and daily operations of SIM Expeditions and Hostel Coirón. She has been looking after our clients for 25 years. She speaks Spanish, English and German.

If she is not at the office, taking part in an Antarctic trip or fulfilling maternal duties, you will meet her while travelling, cycling or hiking. Or you can simply experience how she enjoys life at its best.

Jeannete and Wolf have two children, daughter Karin and son Daniel. Both are schooled in Puerto Williams, later at home and are now studying in Europe and South America.

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