Yacht Delivery Trips 2016 - 2017

Ref. A09/21 Transatlantic Crossing - South Atlantic Offshore Sailing - visiting the outlying Falkland, South Georgia and Tristan da Cunha Islands.

The expedition began as expected. On April 25th the vessel reached Tijuana jetty at Grytviken, South Georgia. The participants are excited and looking forward to all the experiences and insights they will gain during the next weeks of sailing in the Southern Ocean.

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Region: Puerto Williams, Chile – Port Stanley, Falkland Insland – Grytviken, South Georgia - Tristan da Cunha – Cape Town, South Africa
Schedule:  11.04. 2016 - 20.05. 2016
Nautical Miles: 4400
Duration: 39 days

Ref. A01/22 South Atlantic Crossing - Cape of Good Hope and Namibia's Skeleton Coast to Punta del Este, Uruguay

Region: Cape Town – Cape of Good Hope, South Africa – Namibia (Lüderitz-Skeleton Coast) - South Atlantic Crossing – Punta del Este, Uruguay
Schedule: 22.08. 2016 – 23.09. 2016
Nautical Miles: 4200
Duration: 33 days

Ref. A02/22 Offshore Sailing – from Gaucho's Kingdom Uruguay to the Falkland Island, habitat of Penguin and Seals.

Schedule: Punta del Este, Uruguay, Yacht Club – Port Stanley, Falkland Insland.
Schedule:  01.10. 2016 –  15.10. 2016
Nautical Miles: 1050
Duration: 15 days