The World's End Destinations

Home to the southernmost indigenous culture in the world, the Yamana (Yaghan), the World's End is in itself, a tale of life, evolution, survival, and ambition, but above all, about the pursuit dreams.

A recently declared (2005) “World Biosphere Reserve”, the Fuegian Archipelago & Cape Horn region are part of a series of historical territories traditionally associated with the “World's End”. These same areas were identified in 2002 by NGO Conservation International as one of earth's 37 "last wild places".

Rich in nature, and populated by just a few, the World's End has a tradition of exploration and discovery. From the nomadic Yamana (Yaghan) to Martial, Cook, Fitzroy & Darwin, the area is until today, an explorer's dream.

Puerto Williams, Chile, is what we consider home and base camp. We are proud to say that we're not only a Chilean company, but we are also neighbours in the world's southernmost community.

As inhabitants of these remote lands, we want to take you and show you why this area is so special to us. For this purpose, we have developed three main destinations that are reached by our expeditions. The Cape Horn, the Cape Horn & Tierra del Fuego's Darwin Range, South Georgia, and Antarctica Expeditions aim at providing a sight at the best, remote, pristine, and wild the area has to offer.

Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego's Darwin Range

Roughly the size of Ireland, the Fuegian Archipelago is separated from the American continent by the Straight of Magellan; from a dry, wind-barren prairie landscape in the north, the archipelago develops into a constellation of islands and bays to the south.

Home place to the native ONA in most of the island and of the YAMANA (or YAGHAN) people along its southern coast; a destination for fur sealers, gold prospectors, and later sheep ranchers, the history of Tierra del Fuego is one of the richest in Patagonia due to the waves of fortune seekers that arrived to its shores and managed to reshape the cultural landscape and turn it into a frontier.

Our area of interest in Tierra del Fuego is the SW shores of the main island, and more specifically the Darwin Mountain Range. Fjords crowned by majestic mountains and decked with millenary glacial tongues overflowing from an ice field of 2,300 km2 down to the very sea, the Darwin Range boasts the Fuegian Archipelago's tallest mountains, and it is also home to some of South America's most spectacular glacial features.

The government of Chile protected the southern Tierra del Fuego by creating the PN Alberto D'Agostini, and in 2005, the area became part of what UNESCO designated as the “Cape Horn World Biosphere Reserve”.

We invite you to take a closer look at the most popular of Our Expeditions.

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Described by Schakleton as “the last great challenge left to man”, Antarctica, the planet's fifth-largest continent is still today a challenge to the women and men who dare visit it.

Home to the driest, coldest, and windiest conditions on earth, Antarctica remains elusive and inhospitable; this in turn is why hundreds and now thousands of people visit it every year. From timeless ice to penguins, whales, seals, and science, the white continent is maybe the last place where man is still exclusively a visitor.

We aim at showing a special face of Antarctica, with the flexibility, maneuverability and independence a high latitude-prepared sailboat can offer.

SIM Expeditions is a full member of IAATO, and we currently undertakes at least 3 Expeditions to Antarctica every Austral Summer.

We invite you to check out our Antarctica Expeditions.

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No place lays out of reach when it comes to sailing. Even though we plan ahead in advance in order to efficiently prepare expeditions to predetermined destinations, anyone can propose their special project, and we will see how we can help make it happen!

We are open to make expeditions to Cape Horn, Tierra del Fuego's Darwin Range, Antarctica and beyond in the same format as we usually do and outside the regular expedition schedule. If you would like to charter your own expedition just let us know and we'll plan together.

Also, we have supported a wide variety of special projects in the past which have included Kayaking Expeditions, Diving Expeditions, Climbing Expeditions, and more. Some of these have involved the participation of world champions, high performance athletes, professional photographers and film makers, and more.

In order to see a full list of the projects we have provided logistics and support services go to "Read More", immediately below this.


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