The World's End Destinations - Beyond


No place lays out of reach when it comes to sailing. Even though we plan ahead in advance in order to efficiently prepare expeditions to predetermined destinations, anyone can propose their special project, and we will see how we can help make it happen!

We are open to make expeditions to Cape Horn, Tierra del Fuego's Darwin Range, Antarctica and beyond in the same format as we usually do and outside the regular expedition schedule. If you would like to charter your own expedition just let us know and we'll plan together.

Also, we have supported a wide variety of special projects in the past which have included Kayaking Expeditions, Diving Expeditions, Climbing Expeditions, and more. Some of these have involved the participation of world champions, high performance athletes, professional photographers and film makers, and more.

In order to see a full list of the projects we have provided logistics and support services go to "Read More", immediately below this.


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