The World's End Destinations - Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego's Darwin Range

Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego's Darwin Range

Roughly the size of Ireland, the Fuegian Archipelago is separated from the American continent by the Straight of Magellan; from a dry, wind-barren prairie landscape in the north, the archipelago develops into a constellation of islands and bays to the south.

Home place to the native ONA in most of the island and of the YAMANA (or YAGHAN) people along its southern coast; a destination for fur sealers, gold prospectors, and later sheep ranchers, the history of Tierra del Fuego is one of the richest in Patagonia due to the waves of fortune seekers that arrived to its shores and managed to reshape the cultural landscape and turn it into a frontier.

Our area of interest in Tierra del Fuego is the SW shores of the main island, and more specifically the Darwin Mountain Range. Fjords crowned by majestic mountains and decked with millenary glacial tongues overflowing from an ice field of 2,300 km2 down to the very sea, the Darwin Range boasts the Fuegian Archipelago's tallest mountains, and it is also home to some of South America's most spectacular glacial features.

The government of Chile protected the southern Tierra del Fuego by creating the PN Alberto D'Agostini, and in 2005, the area became part of what UNESCO designated as the “Cape Horn World Biosphere Reserve”.

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