SV SM-Expeditions

SV SM-Expeditions is a 48 foot sloop built in Germany, and the emblem of the company. SIM Expeditions founder Wolf Kloss sailed endlessly with SV SM-Expeditions from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, Cape Horn, and in an impressive pioneering feat, to Antarctica.

Designed by German yacht builder Reinke, and designed and equipped for high latitude sailing, SV SM-Expeditions has completed multiple trips to Antarctica and Cape Horn, among many destinations. She has been prepared specially for the rough local conditions. The steel construction (5mm), collision bulkhead, and two additional bulkheads forward and aft of the engine room, heavy rigging, enclosed wheelhouse, roller furling Genoa and staysail, and an inventory of specially reinforced sails make SV SM-Expeditions well suited for this area.

As important as the equipment may be to guarantee success, in the end it's the spirit of the crew that make SV SM-Expeditions what she is; she is designed not for luxury, but for expeditions to the extreme.