Jacques - France

Dear Wolf, Dear Jeannete,

I would like to wish you all the best for 2008. Good health, peace and happiness for you, the children and all the people around you.

I had a very good time on board the Santa Maria and with you. We all know that it is sometimes not so easy to live with six or seven people in a very limited space for as much as a week but it did not take me long to feel at home. In fact it was an unforgettable trip. Not only because Cabo de Hornos is a mythical place but also because of the good company I had the good fortune to travel with.

I'll remember that trip till the end of my days. It is all on the photo's but it is also in my head. You, Jeannete,  Jochen, the Santa Maria and all the people close to it. Please give my regards to Jochen who took so well care of me.

The leading Belgian newspaper I worked for for 30 years asked me to write an extensive article about my Cap Horn trip for the touristic pages. Which I did. One of these days they will inform me about the publication date. When that comes I'll send you a copy.

Have a good time dear friends.