Our expeditions - Expeditions Styles: CREW vs. Voyager?

Expedition Styles: CREW vs. Voyager?

At SIM Expeditions we offer different opportunities through our “Expedition Styles.” From active participation to a contemplative experience, we have developed the following scheme in order to try and satisfy most needs.


The unique way to experience first-hand navigation; team-work, tasks, chores, and the traditional sailing spirit are emphasized, encouraged, and expected. Participants join the expedition as crew, getting access to the special opportunity to become a member in one of the oldest and wildest challenges on earth.


One of the best and select means of travel, we developed our “Voyager Style” in order to invite guests to participate in the operation of an expedition, but with an upgrade in comfort. Participants are welcome to learn aspects of sailing while enjoying and/or devoting their time to specifics such as photography, bird watching, filming, and others.