South Georgia - Suggestions


Further information and reading about the area, the geology, geography, history, and other important topics, as well as more practical one such as immigration documents for entering Chile or Argentina, currency, and other, can be widely found on the internet, and some of this info can be also be found in our website.

Please consider the importance of bringing the following items listed just below.

We strongly recommend the following items in order to better experience an Expedition to Cape Horn, Tierra del Fuego, and/or Antarctica . Please note that these items are not just suggested, but most of them required.

    1. Thermal Underwear.
    2. Warm Socks (Fleece, Wool, or other).
    3. Polar/Pile Fleece Jacket.
    4. Trouser or Overall.
    5. Outer Wind Proof Shell.
    6. Water resistant and water proof protection (look for sailing and foul weather clothing gear, which is not the same as ordinary outdoor gear).
    7. Waterproof Gloves.
    8. Hat, Cap, Balaclava , preferably windproof.
    9. Sea Boots, preferably full height, non-slip sole.
    10. Boat Shoes or Slippers, with rubber sole.
    11. Hiking Boots if desired for ashore hikes.
    12. Towel.
    13. Sleeping Bag (if sailing with SM).
    14. Sunscreen of high PDF and after-sun Cream, as well as lip balm.
    15. Sunglasses.
    16. Small backpack.
    17. “Soft Luggage” (no hard suitcases on board, unless it's special photographic equipment, for example). Duffel bags are a good example of what's a proper luggage format. If you happen to bring hard suitcases or similar, SIM Expeditions will provide storage space in Puerto Williams.
    18. Personal medications. A general medical kit is available on board, despite this we recommend you consult your doctor and bring your personal medical kit.
    19. Special Dietary supplements not included in SIM Expeditions meals.
    20. A personal sponge for "sailboat showers".
    21. Cash, in order to be able to purchase souvenirs. US dollars or Euros will work fine.
    22. Laptops, USB drives and other electronic equipment useful for downloading and storing personal pictures, videos, and other data. The vessels do have this equipment on board, but they are exclusively for the Skipper's use for weather forecast reports, emergency communication, and others. No foreign USB drives or such can be plugged to this equipment either, so we recommend you bring your own in order to freely manipulate your personal information.
    23. Plugs and adaptors. The electric current on the boats is of 12v and of 220v. The sockets on board are for plugs/outlets “Type C” (“European Two-plug”). Please be aware that access to the electric current on board is available, but limited to the Skipper's criteria.
    24. CASH! Yes, in Port Stanley, for example, there's a small and cozy gift shop. The Gift Shop takes American dollars, British Pounds, and Euros.