South Georgia - Participation Fee What's included - What's not included?

Participation Fee - What's included - What's not included?

A Standard CREW-Expeditions-Participation Fee includes:

• Participation on board of a sailing vessel.

• Own berth on board.

• Expenses of the permanent crew.

• Life jacket (PFD) with harness.

• Linen which includes a cozy “Duvet”.

• Towel.

• Limited Access to IRIDIUM satellite communication device. Transmissions costs are not included.

• Access to interpretative material such as nautical charts and a petite on-board thematic library.

A Standard CREW-Expeditions-Participation Fee does not include:

• Necessary visa, immigration obtained procedures.Please be aware if you must obtain visa and/or the necessary paperwork in order to enter Chile and other countries we visit during the navigation.

• Travel costs to port of boarding such as airfare, hotels, taxi, restaurants and other.

• Personal clothing and gear unless otherwise stated.

• Personal medications. A general medical kit is available on board, despite this we recommend you consult your doctor and bring your personal medical kit.

• Transmission costs from the use of the IRIDIUM Satellite Communication Device.

• Access to laptop or personal computers. The vessels do have this equipment on board, but they are for exclusively for the skipper's use for weather forecast reports,emergency communication, and others. No foreign USB drives or such can be plugged to this equipment either. We recommend you to bring your own storage device.

• Personal Accident and Evacuation Costs.

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