South Georgia - Itinerary


Day 1– You reach Port Stanley, Falkland Island (Puerto Argentino, Islas Malvinas), the starting point of your sailing expedition, via Santiago and Punta Arenas. A member of our SIM Expeditions team will be waiting at Mount Pleasant Airport, ready to pick you up. The skipper welcomes you aboard. As soon as we get everyone on board and if there is a weather window, we will set sail for South Georgia. Otherwise, we will prepare the boat to leave the next day. In the evening, a glass of “pisco sour” will round-off our first day in the south.

Notice that from Punta Arenas you will be boarding the LAN-Chile flight. If you choose to flight via the RAF TriStar from the UK, you will need an accommodation in Port Stanley to spend the intervening nights.

Day 2,3,4,5,6– Prior set sail to South Georgia, we organize our daily routine, watches and chores, to start an exciting sail heading east. As with all of our other expeditions, this is a "hands-on" experience sailing. Guests are expected to participate fully in all aspects of the expedition, such as kitchen chores, navigation watch, navigation manoeuvres, sailing manoeuvres, and other, to the extent of their abilities.
We have to sail across the Antarctic convergence zone, over 750 miles in one of the most fearsome seas in the world. As a team, we will live an active, adventurous journey.

At the time, sailing the great South Atlantic waters. Here the petrels and albatrosses feel at home and the wave systems keep rolling around Antarctica. From now on, we should watch for icebergs. The drifting blocks of ice detached from the Antarctic glaciers are both, a security risk as a spectacular treat for the eyes. The technology on the vessel is evolving to make our life offshore easier and safer.

Day 7– We reach South Georgia! We will sail along the rugged northeast coast - the leeward coast of the island - heading to our overnight anchorage. As we approach, Prince Olaf Harbour and Fortuna Bay grow subtly in front of us. Fortuna Bay is the start point of the legendary Shackleton Traverse. Depending on weather conditions, we can considerate to hike this trail to Stromness Bay.

Day 8– Grytviken, a settlement founded over a hundred years ago as a base of the whaling industry in the South Atlantic Ocean and today the administrative capitol of the British-owned Island, South Georgia. Remains of early settlements like, the "Whalers Church" or the tomb of Sir Ernest Shackleton can still be seen today. A fairly- easy stroll up hill behind the Whaling Station offer good views to Grytviken, the Whaling Station and King Edward Point. Sturdy shoes required.

Following days: For the first half of our journey we will navigate the South East part of the island. At St. Andrew's Bay, a huge concentration of King Penguins and Elephant Seal harems are scattering around the beach. Along our journey, breathtaking glaciers tumble down from the high mountains into the water. A particularly stunning landscape with a variety and quantity of staggering wildlife opens before our eyes.

During the second leg of the journey, we will explore the Northwest corner of South Georgia. When is the Last time a cute girl checked you out? Here, overwhelming concentrations of male Fur Seals will represent a challenge for our landings. We will see large numbers of them besides Elephant Seals. An absolute unique phenomenon are this jumbled mixture of females, pups and battling males.

During our walks, besides enjoying we will have the opportunity to appreciate the famous landscapes of South Georgia, the courtship behaviour of the Wandering Albatross. Here, different albatross species are nesting. A promising spectacle are the cute “last year” Wandering Albatross-chicks, the babies are as big as adults and can’t fly well. A "last year chick" must remain a few months more on the nest and learn to fly, this besides its shyness of leave the nest.

The Northwest corner of South Georgia offer a large amount of anchorages along its coast. There, a smattering of uninhabited harbours offer anchorages for every wind. Under the experienced guidance of the Captain, we will choose the best one at hand based on the weather and schedule in order to have the best experience possible.

We want to bring to your attention that the South Georgia Government takes an active role in protecting the environment and wildlife. We will try to visit as many places as possible, but certain areas may be closed to visitors, because of the interests of protecting threatened species and colonies. Undertake our expedition under the environmental guidelines of South Georgia Government, is crucial for the success of our journey and for the future of SIM future expeditions. We would like your collaboration and acceptance and hope you reconnect yourself with the nature on this incredible journey!

Day 20 to 27– At Sea again. During the voyage in South Georgia, we should keep an eye on the weather and look for good climate conditions. For the moment we will set sail to Port Stanley (Puerto Argentino) Westerly Winds are the prevailing winds in this region. It is always expect to take a few extra days on the return passage.

Day 28– The Lan Chile flight returns to Chile; those taking the TriStar back to the UK will need to book accommodation in Stanley.

Please Note This trip is an extraordinary journey with an expeditions character. This itinerary is tentative only. The weather has always the last word. The itinerary is designed in order to leave enough time at the end of the Expedition in case of any delays. If necessary, the itinerary will be modified by the Captain according to his criteria. Always keeping in mind the best interests of all participants and the safety of the vessel.

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