South Georgia


South Georgia Island, the grail for one of most famed explorers of the previous century, Sir Ernest Shackleton. South Georgia is steeped in the history of Antarctic exploration. A window into a world that vanished nearly a century ago and a vestige of wilderness. Not only a mountain range of snowcovered peaks, breathtaking glaciers and frayed coastline, but an „oasis” in the middle of the stormy southern oceans. Home to the greatest density of wildlife on earth: not just penguins, but seals, albatrosses, petrels, prions and much, much more. Once stepped into one of the cruelest but most gorgeous wilderness on planet, South Georgia is not easily forgotten.

What makes these Expeditions so special?

They are a chance to experience first-hand the adventure and camaraderie of sea navigation.

Why is it a good idea?

Because individual berths are sold on each trip, giving enough flexibility for different group sizes to join in. Also these Expeditions are a good opportunity to fully explore the area the way not even airplanes or big cruise ships can. Full access to coves and islets are what make “our way”, the unique way in which to carefully unveil the secrets of the area.