Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego’s Darwin Range 14 Days - Itinerary


Expedition Itinerary 

Day 1 – You reach Puerto Williams, the starting point of your sailing expedition, via Santiago and Punta Arenas. From Punta Arenas you will be boarding the two-engine Twin Otter or the new BAE 146-200 of the air taxi regional operator DAP, which will take you on a spectacular flight across the Darwin Range into the Beagle Channel to Puerto Williams, the starting point of our expedition. A member of our SIM Expeditions team will be waiting at the airport, ready to pick you up.

The skipper welcomes you aboard. If he sees a weather window, we will begin our voyage as soon as we get everyone on board. Otherwise, we will prepare the boat to leave the next day. In the evening a glass of “pisco sour” will round-off our first day in the south.

Day 2 – Puerto Williams eastbound to Puerto Toro.

Day 3 – Puerto Toro southbound to Puerto Maxwell

Day 4 – Puerto Maxwell, rounding of Cape Horn, Caleta Martial

Day 5 – Caleta Martial northbound to Cal Banner, Picton Island

Day 6 – Caleta Banner westbound to Puerto Williams

Day 7 – Puerto Williams westbound to Seno Yendegaia

Day 8 – Seno Yendegaia westbound to Caleta Olla

Day 9 – Caleta Olla westbound to Seno Pía

Day 10 – Seno Pía southbound to Seno Coloane

Day 11 – Seno Coloane eastbound to Bahía Fleuriais

Day 12 – Bahía Fleureais eastbound to Fuegian Estancia

Day 13 – Fuegian Estancia eastbound to Puerto Williams

Day 14 – End of expedition. Sleep off. Get luggage packed




Please Note This trip is an extraordinary journey with an expeditions character. This itinerary is tentative only. The weather has always the last word. The itinerary is designed in order to leave enough time at the end of the Expedition in case of any delays. The itinerary, if necessary, will be modified by the Captain according to his criteria. Always keeping in mind the best interests of all participants and the safety of the vessel.

Right to technical amendments, typing errors, omissions and general errors reserved.