Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego’s Darwin Range 14 Days

Expedition Destination

Days/Nights Nautical Miles

Cape Horn and Darwin Range

14 days - 13 nights



The most popular of our expeditions, Cape Horn & Tierra del Fuego’s Darwin Range provide a mixture in which one of the planet’s oldest man-nature challenges such as the rounding of the horn meets an immersion into the deep wilderness that the southern shores of Tierra del Fuego have to offer; all this as part of a crew, in the spirit of sailor’s camaraderie.

The same brutal nature feared by the seafarer’s of the past, is today cherished as home to one of “earth’s last wild places” as stated in 2002 by NGO Conservation International. The government of Chile has created two national parks (PN Cabo de Hornos, PN Alberto de Agostini) in the area, and UNEP designated in 2005 the “Cape Horn World Biosphere Reserve”.

What makes these Expeditions so special?

They are a chance to experience first-hand the adventure and camaraderie of sea navigation.

Why is it a good idea?

Because individual berths are sold on each trip, giving enough flexibility for different group sizes to join in. Also these Expeditions are a good opportunity to fully explore the area the way not even airplanes or big cruise ships can. Full access to coves and islets are what make “our way”, the unique way in which to carefully unveil the secrets of the area.