Antarctica 22 Days - Who can join and participate?

Who can join and participate?

Everyone with an adventurous spirit, and a taste for wilderness.

It must be kept in mind, that this is a sailing expedition, and as such, a good physical condition as well as team work aptitude and a positive attitude in order to be able to spend time with other individuals in enclosed spaces for periods of time are not only desirable, but required in order to participate. All those who join participate in all aspects of the expedition, such as kitchen chores, navigation watch, navigation maneuvers, sailing maneuvers, and other.

It must also be kept in mind that an expedition to Antarctica is no small feat, and even though SIM Expeditions counts with a high latitude-prepared vessel, and with prepared skippers and sailors, it should be understood that this expedition is to one of the most remote and harshest of places on the planet. Previsions must be taken by participants regarding insurance for emergencies, accidents, evacuations, and other, as well as suitable gear, and correct expectations on the physical demands of an expedition to such a destination.