Antarctica 22 Days

Expedition Destination

Days/Nights Nautical Miles
 Antarctica 22 days - 21 nights 1500


Opposite of Arktos, the “Great Bear” constellation which dominates the skies of the northern hemisphere, on the southern end of the planet lays Antarktikos.

Described by Schackleton as “the last great challenge left to man”, Antarctica , the planet's fifth-largest continent is still today, a challenge in many ways.

Our Antarctic Expeditions aim at reviving the manner in which Antarctica was explored first. A smaller vessel, such as SMA offers enough independence to feel the true sense of exploration. Every year now, thousands of people visit the white continent, and just a few of those can say they have done it with enough freedom to feel they have visited Antarctica in a personal, intimate way.

What makes these Expeditions so special?

They are a chance to experience first-hand the adventure and camaraderie of sea navigation.

Why is it a good idea?

Because individual berths are sold on each trip, giving enough flexibility for different group sizes to join in. Also these Expeditions are a good opportunity to fully explore the area the way not even airplanes or big cruise ships can. Full access to coves and islets are what make “our way”, the unique way in which to carefully unveil the secrets of the area.