Our expeditions

 “Our expeditions are not just about sailing, but mainly about discovery.”

                                                                                                     Wolf Kloss
                                                                                            Director & Founder

For centuries now, the Fueguian Archipielago and the Antarctic regions have been visited and explored in what’s still the most rewarding and efficient way: by sea navigation.

From the ancient indigenous Yaghan to Cook, Fitzroy and Shackleton, navigating these waters has been the choice of all those looking to discover what’s behind the mountains, across the waters, beyond the horizon.        

At SIM Expeditions we have worked hard to have our taste for sailing meet our call for exploration and let it become the core of our objective: to provide world-class opportunities to immerse oneself into wilderness, and explore the world in order to discover oneself.

Check and join our Scheduled Sailing Expeditions to

     •    Cape Horn & Tierra del Fuego’s Darwin Range
     •    South Georgia
     •    Antarctica

What makes these expeditions so special? They are a chance to experience first-hand the adventure and camaraderie of sea navigation.
Why is it a good idea? Because individual berths are available on each trip, giving enough flexibility for groups of different sizes to join in.

Also our scheduled expeditions are a good opportunity to fully explore the area in the way not even airplanes or big cruise ships can. Access to remote coves and islets are what make “our way”, the unique way in which to carefully unveil the secrets of the area.

All of our scheduled expeditions are offered only under our CREW Expedition Style.