A02/22 Punta del Este, Uruguay – Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

Expedition Destination

Days/Nights  Nautical Miles

Punta del Este, Uruguay - Port Stanley, Falkland Islands   

15 days, 14 nights

Schedule                                                    01/10/2016 - 15/10/2016


Punta del Este, a glamorous seaside resort in summer, now welcomes us with winter tranquility and lonely white beaches.
Before setting sails we will enjoy a local steak and and some glasses of good local red wine.

Southbound we follow the Argentine coast, reach the westerly winds and get into the „Roaring Forties“ and „Furious Fifties“, home to albatrosses and whales. Our sailing route follows the South American coastal platform. The sea floor steeply rises from 2000 m to 100 m. The area is extremely rich in fish. We will see many seabirds and there is a high probability for fresh fish in the galley.

Navigation, birding and relaxation let the sea days pass quickly. For sailors and animal watchers this trip is a great experience. 

Ahead the remote Falklands Islands, a windy chain of flat islands 250 sm off the mainland. We clear at Port Stanley, capitol of the Falkland Islands. A charming, colorful town in sheltered bay. 

Once the clearing is done, we spend a couple of days to explore the unpolluted environment, extensive grasslands, white beaches, experience personal encounters with penguins and seals.