A01/22 Cape Town, South Africa - Lüderitz, Namibia - Punta del Este, Uruguay

Expedition Destination

Days/Nights  Nautical Miles

Cape Town, South Africa - Lüderitz, Namibia - Punta del Este, Uruguay  

33 days, 32 nights

Schedule                                                    22/08/2016 - 23/09/2016


Cape Town – The Table Mountain, UNESCO World Heritage.
Undoubtedly South Africa's internationally famous landmark and biggest tourist attraction of the Cape Region.
Finally we are in Africa, happily enjoying a „sundowner“ at the Table Mountain Café high above Cape Town.

We are sailing northbound towards the famous African Skeleton Coast.
It is one of the driest and hottest coastal deserts in the world, called the Namib.

The wind generally blows from south to southwest. The Benguela Current flows northerly and give us a lift on our sailing trip along the coast.
Our destination is Lüderitz in Namibia, approximately 500 nm north.

The SMA is moored safely at the local Yacht Club. With a rental car we visit the Skeleton Coast and the Namib Desert.

The big Atlantic Ocean lies ahead.
3500 nm sailing under moderate conditions to Punta del Este in Uruguay. In the beginning winds blow from the south and the direction is getting variable during the travel. The force is light to moderate. 

After leaving the Benguela Current, temperatures rise, we are getting into a board routine, having time for us and for some fishing. It looks like we will have a pleasant crossing.

At the end of our Atlantic crossing South America and Uruguay welcome us with a mixture of rural idyll, large areas of cattle pastures and endless white sand beaches. We will enjoy a local steak and and some glasses of red wine.